Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ideas, ideas, ideas

You know the saying, great things come to great minds. :D Except my mind isn't particularly great in any way, but well, you get what I'm talking about here, don't you? ;)

I opened the large, ornately decorated double doors, and almost immediately as I stepped into the blackness of the hall, spotlights - hanging from a ceiling much higher than I imagined - flooded the middle of the hall, revealing a small band of musicians on a small, low circular stage, and in standing in front at the bottom of the stage, was Tyler.

"Ty...what are you doing here, what's going on?" I hurried up to him and embraced him.

"Well, it's just a special something for us...though it's more for you."

Without another word, he took my hand and held my waist, and the band was off.

I instantly recognised the music; it was Love of My Life, by Santana and Dave Matthews. I couldn't help but smile; it was one of my favourite songs.

"I knew you'd always wanted to dance to this." He twirled me around.

I chuckled, "Either you're a mind reader, or I must've told you in a daze."

I stared hard into his deep brown eyes. With every passing second we were dancing and the music was playing, I found myself getting even more lost in him; and I wasn't looking for a way out anytime soon.

As expected, the tempo of the music changed, and before we knew it, we were dancing to the rapid pace of the music, as the mood changed from slow and romantic to fast-paced and frenzied. It was almost as fast as a salsa, except it was a waltz. I'd never felt a bigger rush in such a lone environment, it was almost surreal. Countless spins, twirls, and lifts followed, and as the song reached it's climax at the end, Tyler suddenly pulled me close, and our faces were mere inches apart. Breathing heavily, I grinned. He gave me a piercing, yet gentle look. This wasn't over yet.

This time, the only music came from the piano. Once again, I recognised the song; The Scientist by Coldplay, with its unmistakable riff and haunting melody.

Once again, we did a slow waltz.

"You know, this song gets me every time I listen to it," Tyler confessed.

"Really?" I chuckled as we slowly glided from one part of the room to the other, all the while remaining under the glow of the spotlights in the middle.

"Yeah, really," He smiled slightly, almost a half-smile, and I was only close enough to spot it. "It's weird, every time I hear it I get this sorta cold and warm feeling, I dunno, it's hard to explain."

"Why, though?" I was curious now; Tyler was seldom one to be moved by a song, let alone this one.

"Well, it makes me think that I'm never good enough for you, but somehow, you still stick with me."

"Oh please, why would you think that?" I was genuinely surprised, almost to the point of scorn.

"Well, it was hard on you, when I moved away. You know, absence makes the heart grow fonder.....and it really did. I just felt...helpless, I guess, when I realised'd stripped me down to my core, and with-without you, I was...nothing," He was rushing his words now, speaking so frantically that I struggled to keep up. "I was just powerless, vulnerable, and...I felt really bad for leaving you behind, even though you were always there for me. But I can't say the same for myself...I just had this horrible feeling of guilt, and I really wanted to just say I'm sorry a million times over, a-and just go back to when we-"

"Hey, hey, Ty, shush now," I held my finger up to his lips. "There's nothing to be sorry about, honestly." I cradled his cheek in my hand and stared directly into his eyes, firmly yet tenderly. "It's okay, I'm here with you now, none of that matters now. It wasn't your fault and never will be, yeah? It's perfectly fine. I know, as much as you try to be there for me, you can't always be. I mean, that's when we've both gotta be strong and pull through, without each other. But of course, I knew I was always on your mind, and you were on mine too. We may not have been there in presence, but always in spirit, if you'd like to put it that way."

"Yeah." Tyler whispered genially.

I smiled, and looked away, reflecting on the ironies of life and our situation. "You know, it's pretty strange that whatever's on your mind, whether it's some economical, environmental or political crisis that's happening around the world, the one thing that really gets to you is that someone you fancy. Don't you reckon so?"

He stared hard at me for a moment, and swallowed. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

I guess that was all he could really say at this point. But I knew his answer to my question was a definite "Yes"; either that or it was simply rhetorical. I hated to say it, clichéd as it was, but my heart melted right then and there.

"So are you," I replied, smiling gently.

We leaned our foreheads against each others', and laughed, as the song continued to play and we danced. I was never one to be swayed by surprising romantic gestures like these, but like Tyler, this one had gotten to me. Now, I was the one who was powerless in the face of love.