Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A life in shadows

What do you do, when you spend your life hiding?

When you remain the background, not craving the spotlight, and simply fade out of peoples' consciousness?

The shadows. Where you go relatively unnoticed, in peace and solitude, in isolation and quiet.

People stop caring about you. They stop knowing that you exist. You drop out of their lives slowly but surely, as the world moves on and so do they, unwilling to stop to look into the dark corners where the faint glimmer of light shines.

Where it goes unnoticed, slowly but surely fading and dimming away into the eventual point of no return.

In a world that craves and prizes the spotlight, the shadows are demonised.

Few stop to look, and many of those who do turn away in contempt. Others seek to cure you, as if you were inflicted with some disease, and try to force you into the light.

But the ones who do look, and decide to explore, have only just stepped into a world unlike the one they inhabit. An alternate universe, almost. One where the possibilities are infinite, where you are only limited by your imagination and where the answers you've been seeking your entire life will be found. Where you can be fearless. Where you can be unsuffocated by the spotlight of the real world. Where you can be free.

The shadows. A world where, in the darkness, you're a light that shines ever more brightly.