Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What if........?

What if........

You went to bed one day wishing you'd never wake up again, and your wish comes true?

Watching from wherever you are in the afterlife, would you regret your decision to leave so suddenly?

Would you start to miss the life you had on earth, even though as you fell asleep, you felt ready to leave it all behind?

Or would you watch on blankly, unmoved, or even glad, that you're gone, as everyone you ever knew struggles to come to terms with your sudden departure? Or, like I said earlier, would you start to regret your decision?

Given a choice, somewhere between this life and the next, would you stay, or would you leave?

Just something I'd been pondering over the last couple of weeks.

Currently listening to: Beautiful Day - Saving Abel; from the album Saving Abel.