Thursday, May 21, 2009

The mind

Often I have vivid imaginations; so vivid they're almost real. If I were an artist, I would've drawn them all out by now, and plastered them all over the walls of my bedroom.

They're about almost anything, really. I see it all in my mind's eye. It's like a fantasy escape, really. It's like I can withdraw into the space of my mind whenever and wherever I want, and I'm in own little piece of heaven, dreaming up anything and everything that makes me happy; few as those things are, I hold them dear.

My mind is perhaps my greatest possession. It's the one thing that no-one else can touch, a safe place in times of chaos, the one and only thing that truly belongs to each and every one of us, and us only. My mind's eye sees everything and anything, possible or impossible, real or imaginary, calming or frightening. It is a gift at most times, but at times it can be a curse, when it gets altered by everything else going on around you, when it starts to turn against you and create visions that frighten you, sadden you, and perhaps even break you down inside.

But then again, thinking about it, it allows you to imagine, and dream of, impossible things, whether they be ideas, places, people, situations or even other worlds, or parallel universes. It's a vast expanse that has no limit whatsoever; it's only limited by how much you dare to imagine, and how that will shape your mind.